Accessible courses help all students succeed

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Networking Academy Success Story

Accessible Courses Help All Students Succeed
Networking Academy students with visual, auditory, and physical limitations are taking advantage of accessible courseversions to further their networking education. “I’m confident that the CCNA Discovery and CCNA Exploration accessible courses will greatly benefit our students and help them succeed.”
CláudiaMedronho Naumann, Networking Academy Instructor
® Cisco is committed to making its Cisco Networking ® Academy curricula accessible and usable by all students to help them achieve their goals. In supportof this commitment, Networking Academy introduced new versions of the Cisco ® CCNA Exploration and CCNA Discovery courses to address the needs of students with visual, physical, or auditorylimitations. As a result, graduates will be able to pursue college degrees or IT careers that may otherwise have been considered beyond their capabilities.

The accessible course versions include tab andkeyboard navigation; adjustable font size, type, and color; and presentation options for media and content. The course and lab text, assessments, and hands-on learning activities are all available inaccessible format. “Before the accessible content was available, the school had to special order an electronic book so I could participate," recalls Katie Robinson, a Networking Academy student at theDelaware Area Career Center in Ohio. "I used to miss some of the content because of the graphics, but now I don't miss any of it. The accessible CCNA Discovery curriculum gives me more options. I’m veryhappy.” Visually impaired students can use display options such as adjustable font settings, or they can employ media text transcriptions that are compatible with screen reading software such asFreedom Scientific’s JAWS. JAWS supports the CCNA curricula in the following languages: English, French, and Spanish. Iain Murray, course coordinator for the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive...
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