Accounting balance sheet

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When the balances of our Cash Book and Pass Book do not agree, we prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement. A Bank Reconciliation Statement is prepared periodically to reconcile the two balances andexplain the reasons for the difference between them.
It shows the items and the errors causing the difference as on a particular date.
It is just a statement and not a part of the books of Accounts.In our introduction to accounting for fixed assets, we described how businesses need to account for the consumption of fixed assets over time in a way that reflects their reducing value. The termgiven to this consumption is depreciation. This revision note explains the various methods available to calculate depreciation and highlights how subjective this calculation can be. Other revisionnotes provide worked example of each depreciation method.

Disposal of fixed asset is a sale which generates profit or loss, which is a difference between sales price and net book value at the disposaltime.
Fixed assets are purchased by the business not with a purpose to resell them, therefore they are being sold after some period of time during which the asset was used or when it becomenon-efficient and should be replaced with the new technlogy.
Gains or losses due to the sale of the fixed asset are reported in the income statement and called "profit on disposal of non-current assets" or"loss on disposal of non-current asset".
Any organisation dealing with (a lot of) customers/clients may find it difficult to realise the entire money towards various goods sold/serices provided duringthe ordinary course of business. These customers/clients lie as 'Debtors' in the books of account after the Company has sold the goods or provided sevices to them.
The non-realisation could be onaccount of various reasons for eg. bankruptcy of customers/clients, disputes or legal battle with them etc.
And if the organisation, having aware of these facts, discloses the debtors at their full...
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