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Standard Practice for Selecting Proportions for Normal, Heavyweight, and Mass Concrete (ACI 211.1-91)
(Reapproved 2002)

Reported by ACI Committee 211
Donald E. Dixon, Chairman
Edward A. Abdun-Nur*

Jack R. Prestrera, Secretary David A. Crocker Kenneth W. Day Calvin L Dodl Thomas A. Fox Donald A. Graham George W. Hollon William W. Hotaling, Jr. Robert S. Jenkins Paul Klieger Frank J. LahmStanley H. Lee Gary R. Mass* Mark A. Mearing Richard C. Meininger’ Richard W. Narva Leo P. Nicholson James E. Oliverson James S. Pierce Sandor Popovics* Steven A. Ragan Harry C. Robinson Jere H. Rose* James A. Scherocman James M. Shilstone*

George R. U. Burg,* Chairman, Subcommittee A George B. Southworth Alfred B. Spamer Paul R. Stodola Michael A. Taylor Stanely J. Vigalitte William H. VoelkerJack W. Weber* Dean J. White II Milton H. Willis, Jr. Francis C. Wilson Robert Yuan

Stanley G. Barton Leonard W. Bell* Stanley J. Blas, Jr. Ramon L Carrasquillo Peggy M. Carrasquillo Alan C. Carter Martyn T. Conrey James E. Cook Russel A. Cook* William A. Cordon Wayne J. Costa

Committee Members Voting on 1991 Revision Gary R. Ma@ Chairman Edward A. Abdun-Nurt William L Barringer-t StanleyG. Barton Leonard W. Bell? James E. Bennett, Jr. J. Floyd Best Ramon L Carrasquillo James E . Cook-t Russell A. Cook David A. Crocker Luis H. Diaz Donald E.. Dixont Calvin L Dodl Thomas A. Fox George W. Hollon Tarif M. Jaber Stephen M. Lane Stanley H. Lee George R. U. Burgt Chairman, Subcommittee A Richard C. Meiningert James E. Oliverson James S. Pierce Sandor Popovics Steven A. Ragan Jere H.Roget Donald L Schlegel James M. Shilstone, Sr. Paul R. Stodola William S. Sypher Ava Sxypula Jimmie L. ‘Thompsont Stanley J. Virgalitte Woodward L Vogt Jack W. Weber Dean J. White, III Marshall S. Williams John R. Wilson

Describes, with examples, two methods for selecting and adjusting proportions for normal weight concrete, both with and without chemical admixtures pozzolanic, and slag materials.One method is based on an estimated weight of the concrete per unit volume; the other is based on calculations of the absolute volume occupied by the concrete ingredients. The procedures take into consideeration the requirements for placeability, consistency, strength, and durability. Example calculations are shown for both methods, including adjustments based on the cheracteristics of the firsttrial batch. The proportioning of heavyweight concrete for such purposes as radiation shielding and bridge counterweight structures is described in an appendix. This appendix uses the absolute volume method, which is generally accepted and is more convenient for heavyweight concrete. There is also an appendix that provides information on the proportioning of mass concrete. The absolute volumemethod is used because of its general acceptance.

CONTENTS Chapter 1-Scope, p. 211.1-2 Chapter 2-Introduction, p. 211.1-2 Chapter 3-Basic relationship, p. 211.1-2 Chapter 4-Effects of chemical admixtures, pozzolanic, and other materials on concrete proportlons, p. 211.1-4
l Members of Subcommittee A who prepared this standard. The committee acknowledges the significant contribution of William L.Barringer to the work of the subcommittee. t Members of Subcommittee A who prepared the 1991 revision. This standard supersedes ACI 211.1-89. It was revised by the Expedited Standardization procedure, effective Nov. 1, 1991. This revision incorporates provisions related to the use of the mineral admixture silica fume in concrete. Chapter 4 has been expanded to cover in detail the effects of the useof silica fume on the proportions of concrete mixtures. Editorial changes have also been made in Chapters 2 through 4, and Chapters 6 through 8. Copyright 0 1991, American Concrete Institute. All rights reserved including rights of reproduction and use in any form or by any means, including the making of copies by any photo process, or by any electronic or mechanical device, printed, written,...
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