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* General: masonry elements shall be anchored in accordance with this section
* Intersecting walls: masonry walls depending upon one another for lateral support shall be anchoredor bonded at locations where they meet or intersect by one of the following methods
* Fifty percent of the units at the intersection shall be laid in an overlapping masonry bonding pattern, withalternate units having a bearing of not less than 3 in on the unit below.
* Walls shall be anchored by steel connectors having a minimum section of ¼ in. by 1 ½ in. with ends bent up at least 2in., or with cross pins to form anchoreage. Such anchors shall be al least 24 in. long and the maximum spacing shall be 4 ft.
* Walls shall be anchored by joint reinforcement spaced at a maximumdistance of 8 in. Longitudinal wires of such reinforcement shall be at least wire size W 1.7 and shall extend at least 30 in. in each direction at the intersection.
* Interior no-load-bearingwalls shall be anchored at their intersection, at vertical intervals of not more than 16 in. with joint reinforcement or ¼ in. mesh galvanized hardware cloth
* Other metal ties, joint reinforcementor anchors, if used, shall be spaced to provide equivalent area of anchorage to that required by this section.
* Floor and roof anchorage: floor and roof diaphragms providing lateral support tomasonry shall be connected to the masonry by one of the following methods.
* Wood floor joists bearing on masonry walls shall be anchored to the wall at intervals not so exceed 6 ft. by metalstraps spaced not more than 6 ft. on centers extending over or under and secured to at least 3 joist. Blocking shall be provided between joists at each strap anchor.
* Steel floor joists shall beanchored to masonry walls with 3/8 in. round bars, or their equivalent, spaced not more than 6 ft. on center. Where joists are parallel to the wall, anchors shall be located at joist cross bridging...
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