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This document has been approved for use by agencies of the Department of Defense and for listing in the DoD Index of Specifications and Standards.

ACI 506R-90
(Reapproved 1995)

Guide to Shotcrete
Reported by ACI Committee 506
Philip T. Seabrook,* Chairman K. S. Bawa* Seymour A. Bortz Gary L. Chynoweth Theodore R. Crom* James T. Dikeou William A. Drudy* John C. Fredericks* I. LeonGlassgold,* Subcommittee Chairman Steven Gebler Charles H. Henager* Joseph I. Heneghan* David H u n t * Richard A. Kaden Jim Lanclos* Albert Litvin* The committee voting on the 1990 revisions was: Steven H. Gebler, Chairman Seymour A. Bortz Paul D. Carter Gary L. Chynoweth I. Leon Glassgold Charles H. Henager Richard A. Kaden Albert Litvin Kristian Loevlie Dudley R. Morgan Dale A. Pearcey V.Ramakrishnan Thomas J. Reading Ernest K. Schrader Lars F. Balck. Jr.. Secretary Vern Schultheis Raymond J. Schutz Philip T. Seabrook Curt E. Straub Lawrence J. Totten Gary L. Vondran Lars F. Balck, Jr., Secretary James McNelis D. R. Morgan V. Ramakrishnan Thomas J. Reading* Elwood R. Rogers* Ernest K. Schrader Raymond J. Schutz*

This guide provides information on materials and properties of both drymixand wet-mix shotcrete. Most facets of the shotcrete process are covered including application procedures, equipment requirements, and responsibilities of the shotcrete crew. Preconstruction, prequalifying, and acceptance testing of workers, materials, and finished shotcrete are also considered.
Keywords: concrete constructlon; concrete finishing (fresh concrete); equipment;
mix proportioning;mortars (material); placing; quality control; shotcrete.

Chapter 2-Materials, page 506R-8
2.1 -Introduction 2.2-Delivery, handling, and storage 2.3-Cement 2.4-Aggregate 2.5-Water 2.6-Bonding compounds 2.7-Admixtures 2.8-Reinforcement

CONTENTS Chapter 3-Equipment, page 506R-9 Chapter 1-General, page 506R-2
1.1-Introduction 1.2-Objectives 1.3-History 1.4-Reference standards 1.5-Definitions1.6-Shotcreting processes 1.7-Properties 1.8-Shotcrete applications 1.9-New developments, future uses, and potential 3.1-Introduction 3.2-Dry-mix guns 3.3-Wet-mix guns 3.4-Air requirements 3.5-Mixing equipment 3.6-Hose 3.7-Nozzles 3.8-Auxiliary equipment 3.9-Plant layout and operation 3.10-Remote shotcrete equipment 3.11-Modified shotcrete systems
*Members of the subcommittee who prepared thereport. *Chairman during preparation of the report. F o r m e r committee member. ACI 506R-85 replaces ACI 506-66 (Revised 1983) which w a s withdrawn as an ACI standardin 1983 The 1990 rev ision updates the references CopyrIght ip 1985. American Concrete Institute All rights reserved including rights ot reproduction and USe in any form or by any means, including the making of copies by any photoprocess, or by any electronic or mechanical device, printed or written or oral, or recordlng for sound or visual reproduction or for use in any know ledge or retrieval sy stern or device, unlesspermission in writing is obtained from the copyright proprietors

A C I Committee Reports Guides, Standard Practices, and Commentaries are Intended for guidance in designing, planning, executing, orinspecting constructlon, and in preparing specificatlons Reference to these documents shall not be made in the Project Documents. If items found in these documents are desired to be a part of the Project Documents, they should be phrased in mandatory language and incorporated into the Project Documents.



ACI COMMlTTEE REPORT A.3-Factors affecting payment A.4-Supplementary itemsA.5-Methods of measurement A.6-Pay items

Chapter 4-Crew organization, page 506R-19
4.1-Introduction 4.2-Composition and duties 4.3-Crew qualifications 4.4-Communications

CHAPTER l-GENERAL Chapter 5-Preliminary procedures, page 506R-21
5.1-Introduction 5.2-Surface preparation 5.3-Formwork 5.4-Reinforcement 5.5-Anchors 5.6-Alignment control 5.7-Joints 5.8-Protection of adjacent surfaces...
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