Acido carminico japan standard

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  • Publicado : 16 de noviembre de 2010
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Cochineal Extract
Carminic Acid

Definition Cochineal Extract is obtained from cochineal, of which coloring principle is carminic acid. 10% ColorValue The Color Value E1cm of Cochineal Extract is not less than 80 and is in a range of 95 115% of the labeled value. Description Cochineal Extract is red to dark redpowder, lumps, liquid or paste, having a slightly characteristic odor. Identification (1) Weigh the equivalent of 0.5 g of Cochineal Extract calculated in terms of ColorValue 80 from the labeled value, dissolve in 1000 ml of 0.1 mol/l hydrochloric acid, and centrifuge. The supernatant is orange in color and exhibits an absorption maximumat a wavelength of 490 497nm. (2) Weigh the equivalent of 1 g of Cochineal Extract calculated in terms of Color 25) make it to Value 80 from the labeled value and mixwith 100 ml of water. A red to dark red-brown color develops. Add sodium hydroxide solution (1 alkaline. The solution changes to purple to purple-red. Purity (1) Heavymetals Not more than 40 µg/g as Pb (0.50 g, Method 2, Control solution Lead standard solution 2.0 ml). (2) Lead Not more than 10 µg/g as Pb (1.0g, Method 1). (3) ArsenicNot more than 4.0 µg/g as As2O3 (0.50 g, Method 3, Apparatus B). (4) Protein Not more than 2.2 %. Weigh accurately about 1.0 g of Cochineal Extract and proceed as directedunder the Semi-micro Kjeldahl Method in Nitrogen Determination. 1 ml of 0.005 mol/l sulfuric acid = 0.8754 mg protein Color Value Test Proceed as directed in the ColorValue Test under the conditions below.

Operating Conditions
Solvent: 0.1 mol/l hydrochloric acid. Absorption maximum at a wavelength of 490 497nm. Wavelength:

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