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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2012
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written and performed by John Fogerty
tab transcribed by Collins Crapo

(12 measures of Em)He take-a thunder from the mountain
He take-a lightnin' from the sky
He bring the strong man to his beggin'knees
He make the young girl's mama cry

You got to hidey-hide
You got to jumpand run
You got to hidey-hidey-hide
C B7 Em
The old man is down the road

Verse 2:He got the voices speakin' riddles
He got eyes as black as coal
He got a suitcase covered with rattlesnake hide
And he stands right in theroad

(chorus, with "away" added to end of 2nd line)

(instrumental, same pattern as chorus)

He make the river call your lover
He make the barking of the hound
Put a shadow 'cross the window
When the old man comes around(chorus; this time, add "again" to end of 2nd line
and sing 4th line twice)

Eye of the tiger
Intro: Cm - Cm - Bb - Cm -
- Cm - Bb - Cm - Cm- G - Ab (4 times) (Cm)

Cm Ab
Risin' up, back on the street
Bb Cm
Did my time, took my chances
Cm Ab
Went the distance, now I'm backon my feet
Bb Cm
Just a man and his will to survive

So many times, it happens too fast
You trade your passion for glory
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the...
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