Acordes de loosing my religion piano

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  • Publicado : 3 de marzo de 2011
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Perhaps I want to die, perhaps I think the eternal dream is better for me... but we all have a mission in this world, even if it is full of soreness, soulless and gloom...
Everybody isasking for a piece of bliss, i want to break the apathy.. the bitterness eats me away...i want to remember the warmth of love, even if you have to use me as a puppet ... I want to feel you nearby.If I am doomed to death and my hangmen are you, i would be ready to die so that i could see your face once again. And if someone has to take the life from me, you would be the only person whomight do it. And death I’ll be happier than alive because my freedom will begin.
I'm still waiting for that day, the day that you and me will be immortalized in one soul, holding handsbeneath the moon light, because a kiss is a lot for my innocence..
But until that day comes, i have to see you holding hands with another guy, but it's alright.. i can numb the pain, I amaccustomed to being trampled... as someone said once: " If pain is too much for you and you can't avoid it, there isn't anything else except to enjoy it. It is not masochism or something similar,it's only to try to feel good every time."
And when i see you crying because of him, I’ll not abandon you, maybe it's a opportunity for me to show you how much i want you to be happy
I see youwant more than i spite of it i don't feel lonely.. your nonchalance and your lack of attention accompanies me. I'm not saying it’s your fault, it's because i thought all thosemoments of happiness.. i feel them so warm, and i misunderstood everything.
I now you're trying your best just to say what i don't want to hear.. but it's alright, i won’t cover my ears; I’ll beglad to listen you even if you’re so rude, your voice is a gloomy song for me.
I don’t think you know how I feel, you’re kind of avoiding me and it’s I don’t mind being invisible for you
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