Acroos the universe

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  • Publicado : 13 de junio de 2011
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Hi my name is .... and a will talk about the movie call Across the Universe
Across the universe is a musical film directed by Julie Taymor and distributed by Columbia Picture, in the filmincorporates 33 compositions originally written by members of The Beatles.

The story begins when Jude, a young man from Liverpool, travels to America to find his father, in New Jersey knows max and hersister Lucy. Max moves to New York City, accompanied by Jude. Max works as a taxi driver, while Jude pursues work as a freelance artist. There they know Sadie she is a rock singer and a representationof Janis Joplin, Prudence and Jojo, he is a guitarist representing Jimi Hendrix, who arrives from Detroit.
Romantic relationships develop between Lucy and Jude, and between Sadie and Jojo, while Maxvisits the Army draft board and cannot avoid recruitment for to go to the Vietnam War, in this moment Lucy becomes increasingly involved in the anti-war movement with their leader, Paco, which causesa rift between Lucy and Jude. Sadie meanwhile is angry with Jojo because she don’t like how he play the guitar causing a rupture between them and Jojo is separated from the band.

the climax of themovie takes place in a protest in which police arrive and arrest Lucy and Jude, Sadie appears alone singing on a stage and max appears in the war. Everything happens while Jude singing the song acrossthe universe. Jude has to return to Liverpool, and max come back to the war, but he goes crazy and need drugs to pass the pain of his wounds. While Lucy remains involved in her anti-war movement,which is becoming more and more violent .Lucy finally leaves the group when she returns to the headquarters one night to find the offices deserted and Paco and some of his followers making bombs. One oftheir bombs explodes, killing Paco and his confederates and destroying the building. Jude reads about the explosion in a Liverpool newspaper and believes that Lucy has also been killed. Judas after...
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