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Hi! My name is Paty! I'm from Dolores Hidalgo; this is my Life Grid and planning my career.
At the end of my career, I studied engineering and then have a jobat an advertising company and then have my own.
I want to be a successful woman business
I want a big house, buy a red car, Aston Martin and Pontiac G6.
 Atage 28 I have a child, a son, a husband and a happy family
I travel around the world, visiting Paris, Argentina, Europe, New York and Miami.
I workout in thegym every day, through my studies I will work to give everything to my family. When I finished my studies I will write a book about my life, I do an autobiography,I also want to help children who has no parent, to do everything I want I have to finish all my college plans, so I should stop watching TV, my favorite showsare the Simpsons, but I can not see them because I want to be a business person and make my family proud of me.
I always go to Queretaro for our vacation, butnext year to Europe and would like to know how to work in that country to learn more and be a person of great knowledge, after working for a company want to take abreak and start my business in advertising.
I want to visit and learn about my country and every city I know its history, museums, gardens and culture of it.I want to join a football club, and have a place in the life of sport, I train very hard to be the best football player and well be happy. I met my husband in afootball club and be a successful person and make me laugh.
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