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PEV 311


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1) Answer the following questions: (8 points, 2 each)

a. Wheredid you go to elementary school?
I went to Maipu elementary school
b. What were your best subjects in high school?
My best subjets were math, English and history

c. Whatsubjects didn't you like ?
I didn’t like Language, physical education and biology

d. What was your favourite hobby as a teenager?
My favourite hobby was hang out with my best friends andlisten to music

2) Complete the sentences: (6 points, 1 each)

a. In elementary school, I used to had a lot of very good friends
b. .
c. I used to be interested in medical science, butI’m not anymore.

d. When I was a kid, I used to play outside, in a park near my house .
e. I didn’t use to keep awake until midnight, but I have to do it now to study .e. After school I used to had dinner with my family .
f. My parents never used to go out with me to crowded places .

3) Answer these questions: (8 points, 2 each)

a.How did people use to dress?
They were dressed as the same as they dress now, only that there is more liberty of expression nowadays

b. What kinds of jobs did women use to have in thepast?
Only housekeeping was the job for the women in the past, they had less rights than they have now

c. How was transport 5 years ago?
As same as today, very inefficient, slow, andexpensive

d. How did people use to communicate before the telephone?
They communicated via letters or telegraphs before the arrival of the telephone

4) Write a paragraph about yourpast and how you have changed. Include at least 8 activities or situations that now are different for you. You can talk about: hairstyle, sports, music, hobbies, pets, etc. ( 8 points)

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