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Choose the correct form (infinitive with or without to or gerund), choosing the word in the parenthesis.
1. We go _to swim _ every week. (swim/to swim/swimming)
2. Letit _ be _. (be/to be/being)
3. He dreams of _ to become _an actor. (become/to become/becoming)
4. They enjoy cycling. (cycle/to cycle/cycling)
5. It is not easy to find good friends.(find/to find/finding)
6. My friend is afraid of _flying. (fly/to fly/flying)
7. Jane is good at _reading. (read/to read/reading)
8. He wanted –to buy a new computer game. (buy/tobuy/buying)
9. I am crazy about- kiss. (kiss/to kiss/kissing)
10. You must _come to my party. (come/to come/coming)
11. I hope to see soon. (see/to see/seeing)
12. We enjoy dancing.(dance/to dance/dancing)
13. He dreamt about be an astronaut. (be/to be/being)
14. I'd love spend another holiday in Spain. (spend/to spend/spending)
15. Why not go_ to the cinema tonight? (go/togo/going)
16. His jokes made us_to laungh. (laugh/to laugh/laughing)
17. They practiced _play the guitar. (play/to play/playing)
18. I told him shut_up. (shut/to shut/shutting)
19.She was busy studying for her exams. (study/to study/studying)
20. There is no reason for_to cry. (cry/to cry/crying)
21. My friends encouraged me to apply for this job. (apply/toapply/applying)
22. I didn't mean _hurt your feelings. (hurt/to hurt/hurting)
23. I must apologize for be_ late. (be/to be/being)
24. The job involves prepare reports for the management.(prepare/to prepare/preparing)
25. He refused _to betray his friends. (betray/to betray/betraying)
26. Don’t you dare _talk to me like that! (talk/talking)
27. Do you happen _have any moneywith you? (have/to have/having)
28. Do you enjoy_to sing? (sing /to sing/singing)
29. If you have any questions, don't hesitate call me. (call/to call/calling)
30. I am looking forward...
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