Actividad de aprendizaje ii.2

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Learning Activity II.2
a) What is the section where you can design the World of Karel?
R= section World
b) What is the section where you cantype the code of the program? R= section program
c) What elements can you add when designing theWorld of Karel?
R= walls and beepers
d) What problems did you find when designing the World of Karel?
R= the instructions
e) What problems didyou find at the moment of typing the code of the program
of Karel?
R= no problem
f) Why is it necessary to follow the syntax rules of aprogramming language?
R= because if you do not write well the program indicates error and couldn’t ejecute the program
g) What is the statement thatindicates Karel to finish its trajectory?
R=turnoff ();
h) What does Karel perform at the moment to find a move statement in the code of theprogram?
R= to advance
i) Why is it necessary to “compile” the program when finishing typing its code?
R= to correct it before starting thetour
j) What happens in case that you forget to “compile” the program and you want to run it?
R= does not start tour
k) Why is it necessary to“initialize” the program before running it?
R= to display the program and the initial world
l) Write the program (code) that permits Karel to turn270°
R= iterate (3)
m) Do you consider that it was difficult to design the world and the program of Karel?
R= a little
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