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In this activity you will recognize and use vocabulary related to bad habits to express annoyance, agreement and disagreement. You will also identify and use conditional type 0 structure to write and talk about bad habits.
1. Use a line to match the pictures with the habits.
* Nose picking
* Smoking where people eat
* Thumb sucking

2. Match the words with theirmeanings.
a) Gets to you ( e )difficult to stop
b) Go for it ( d )irritates me
c) Puts me off (c )causes you to suffer, annoys you annoysyou
d) Gets on my nerves ( b )increases efforts to
e) Hard to break achieve something
( a ) annoys, disgust me

3. Read the sentences. Cross out (X) the ones that refer to badhabits.
a) Betty drives at 140 kilometers/h on the highway all the time. X
b) It is typical of Eva and Mark to talk when the teacher is explaining something X
c) My little brother likes to read entertaining books on holidays.d) Carl spends half an hour in the shower, he really wastes water. X
e) Mary recycles plastics and glass every day.

4. Complete the sentences with the adjectives in the box. Describe your feelings inthe following situations. Imagine that these situations annoy you.

Angry/ disappointed/ afraid/ disgusted/ ashamed |

a) If John drives at 150 kilometers/h on the highway, I am afraid he will have an accident.
b) If people smoke when I eat, I get disgusted and can´t eat anymore.
c) If my brother gets drunk in a party, Ifeel ashamed and turn red.
d) If my sister wastes a lot of water washing the car, I get angry.
e) If the teacher doesn´t know something about the class. I feel disappointed.

5. Read the following messages posted to one question on a web site: What is something that annoys you about somebody else?

The high school student´s forum |February 2, 2011 11:40 a.m.Hi, everybody,What is something that annoys you about somebody else? For me is: It really annoys me when people say “aksed” instead of “asked”, I get really angry.Candice | CandiceJoined: 07 Nov2006Posts: 145Location: USA |
February 3, 2011 9:31 a.m.Me too, CandiceOther thing that also frustrates m is when people keep trying to prove me wrong/themselves rightwhen they´re the ones wrong.Penny | PennyJoined: 13 May2007Posts: 377Location: Australia |
February 3, 2011 10:43 a.m.
Really? I don´t mind it at all. What I hate is when people take up the entire sidewalk and don´t move to the side, it stresses me.Bobby | BobbyJoined: 03 Jan 2007Posts: 248Location: England |
February 4, 2011I know you feel. It annoys me when people drink milk or otherliquid straight out of the carton, it is disgusting.Alex | AlexJoined: 27 Feb 2007Posts: 223Location: Canada |

II.2 What are you doing to protect animals?
In this activity you will identify and use vocabulary related to animals and their habitats to interpret information, give descriptions and promote awareness of endangered animals.
1. Match the words with the pictures
a) Snowy old...