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Kalhia De la Garza
Aida Estefanía Hernández Arroyo
Ehecatl Orrante Sandoval
Magaly Romero Villarreal

Evaluation of the Project 3 (The Rotating cam)

1. - Diagnostic activity:1.-Explain with your own words what a rod is and what a cam is.
Rod: Connects the piston to the crank or crankshaft. Together with the crank, they form a simple mechanism that converts linear motioninto rotating motion
Cam: Piece in contact with another piece called “follower”, that when it rotates, it makes the follower to move.

It is about a mechanism capable of transforming the circularmovement to alternative movement. This system comprises a rotating element that is called crank connected to a rigid bar called rod, the connecting rod is forced to move back and forth, resulting in areciprocating or oscillating reciprocating. The articulated crank mechanism system is reversible by rotating the crank which can displace the rod and vice versa. If the rod causes movement of entry(as in the case of a "piston" in the motor of a car), the crank is forced to rotate.

The displacement path of the rod depends on the length of the handle, so that each time it makes onecomplete revolution the conrod moves a distance equal twice the length of the crank.

The most common example where is presented the mechanism of the conrod - crank is in the internal combustionengine of an automobile, wherein the linear motion of the piston produced by the explosion of gas is transmitted to the rod and becomes circular movement of the crankshaft.

2.- KnowledgeAcquisition .

With the 3 models that were constructed in clase surely you observed tha the mechanism of four articulations counts of four artiulations, which means, of periods in which something can bespinned. A representation of the mechanism of four articulations will be shown at is functioning way.

Now, identify the components of the crank. How it’s the crank, the unions bar, rod and the...
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