Actividad evaluable 2 (ingles 3 touchstone full contact)

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Unit 2, Lesson A - Hopes and Dreams
1 Have you or haven’t you?
A. Read the “to do” list. What things have you done? What things haven´t you done? Write true sentences using the present perfect

Things I want to do

|1. Drive a sports car |1. I haven’t driven a sports car |
|2. Go skiing|2. I haven’t gone skiing |
|3. Learn a second Language |3. I have learned a second language |
|4. See the Taj Mahal |4. I haven’t seen the Taj Mahal |
|5.Study Photography |5. I haven’t studied photography |
|6. Travel to Europe |6. I haven’t traveled to Europe |
|7. Try windsurfing |7. I haven’t tried windsurfing|
|8. Win an award |8. I haven’t wined an award |

B. Complete the sentences using the present perfect and the expressions in the “to do” list in part “A”. Use the negative form where necessary

1. Len Has driven a sports car once or twice. He loves to drive.
2. My sister and I have goneskiing many times. We love the snow
3. My brothers have learned a second language. One speaks Mandarin and one speaks Cantonese
4. We haven’t seen the Taj Mahal, but I really want to go to India one day
5. My teacher has studied photography. She takes beautiful travel photos.
6. Sol and Rhea haven’t traveled to Europe before, but they hope to go next year
7. Gary hasn’t tried windsurfing. He’safraid of the water.
8. Megan has win an award for being the school’s fastest swimmer

2 I’ve tried…
Write sentences with the present perfect.
1. My teacher (go/many times) to the United States.
-My teacher’s been to the United States many times
(or) My teacher’s gone to the United States many times.

2. My boss (ski/several times) in the Swiss Alps.
-My boss has skied in the Swiss Alpsseveral times

3 I (always/want) to go on a roller coaster
- I always have wanted to go on a roller coaster

4. My neighbor (never/ go/before) to Canada.
- My neighbor never has gone before to Canada

5. My parents (see/five times) the movie Dr. Zhivago.
My parents have seen five times the movie Dr. Zhivago

6. My brothers (try/once or twice) Vietnamese food.
- My brothers have triedonce or twice Vietnamese food.

Unit 2, Lesson B – Unusual Experiences
1 Have you ever...?
Complete the conversations with simple past or present perfect

1 A Have you ever gone (go) cliff diving?
B No, I haven’t gone. It sounds too scary! Have you did (do) it?
A Yeah! I have gone (go) last weekend
B Wow! You’re brave. How was (be) it?
A It was incredible! I loved (love) it2 A I have never traveled (travel) alone. How about it?
B No, but I have always wanted (want) to. I’m sure it’s exciting.
A I think so, too. Do you know my friend Jill? She took (take) a hiking trip alone last year
B I know. I spoke (speak) to her about it last week

3 A Have you ever tried (try) horseback riding?
B Yeah. I actually did (do) it once several years ago
A Really?Have you liked (like) it?
B No, not really. It was (be) very scary
A Oh, too bad, I go all the time. I got (get) really good

4 A Have you did (do) anything special last weekend?
B Yes. My husband and I took (take) a ride in a hot-air balloon! Have you ever was is one before?
A No, I haven’t. Have you enjoyed (enjoy) it?
B Yeah, we loved (love) every minute! It was amazing!...
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