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A/ Completa con el pasado de los verbos.

1. I [pic] (break) the window. (rompí)
2. Yesterday she [pic] (run) 10 kilometers. (corrió) 
3. They [pic] (feel) really bad when they saw her.(sintieron)
4. My favorite team [pic] (win) the championship. (ganó)
5. Last vacation I [pic] (go) to Europe, (fui) 
6. My father [pic] (make) this chair himself. (hizo) 
7. We [pic] (sell) the houselast week. (vendimos) 
8. You [pic] (bring) some presents. (trajo) 
9. She [pic] (pay) the bill. (pagó) 

B/ Completa con las condicional que corresponda.

|1) If I     [pic] to Leipzig,I'll visit the zoo. |
|2) If it     [pic] , we'd be in the garden.|
|3) If you     [pic] a lighter jacket, the car driver would have seen you earlier. |
|4) We     [pic] TV tonight if Peterhadn't bought the theatre tickets. |
|5) She wouldn't have had two laptops if she     [pic] the contract.|
|6) If I was/were a millionaire, I     [pic] in Beverly Hills. |
|7) You would save energy ifyou     [pic] the lights more often. |
|8) If we had read the book, we     [pic] the film.|
|9) My sister could score better on the test if the teacher     [pic] the grammar once more. |
|10) They     [pic] on time if they hadn'tmissed the train. |

C/ Completa con la condicional adecuada.

|1) If we meet at 9:30, we [pic] (to have) plenty of time....
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