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Movie Mania
Successful movies in their categories:

Check the movies you have seen:

Movie Type Film Title
Drama Titanic
Science Fiction Star Wars
Horror Jurassic Park
Fantasy The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
War Saving Private Ryan
Comedy Home Alone
Animated The Lion King
Action Spiderman

Did you enjoy them?
Yes, I enjoyed the movies.Which type of movies is your favorite?
My favorite type of movie is the Comedy.

They make me laugh and that is good for my health.

What are the three best movies you’ve seen in the past few years?
The three best movies that I have seen in the past few years are: Home Alone, Titanic and Saving Private Ryan.

A. Complete these sentences. Then with a partner.
1.Johnny Depp is a very amazing actor.
2. I find animated films amused.
3. I'm not interested in science fiction movies.
4. I'm bored by watching televisión.
5. I thought Jurassic Park was an exciting book.
6. I'm fascinated by J.R.R. Tolkien's novels.
7. It's surprised that horror movies are so popular.
B. Pair Work Complete the description below with the correct form ofthese words.

amaze annoy confuse disgust embarrass shock

I had a terrible time at the movies. First, my ticket cost $10. I was really amazed by the price. By mistake, I gave the cashier a $5 bill instead of a ten. I was a little embarrassed. Then there was trash all over the theater. The mess was annoying. The people behind me talked during the movie, which was confusing. The story was hardto follow. I always find thrillers too shocking. I liked the special effects, though. They were disgusting.

4. WORD POWER Opinions
A. Complete the chart with synonyms from the list.
absurd dumb marvelous silly
bizarre fabulous odd terrible
disgusting fantastic outstanding unusual
dreadful horrible ridiculous weird

Awful | Wonderful | Stupid | Strange |
disgusting |fabulous | absurd | bizarre |
dreadful | fantastic | dumb | odd |
horrible | marvelous | ridiculous | unusual |
terrible | outstanding | silly | weird |

B. Write six sentences like the ones in part A of Exercise 3 about movies, actors, or novels. Then compare with a partner.
1. Robert de Niro is a very outstanding actor.
2. I find the animated films very absurd.
3. The sciencefiction movies are fantastic.
4. I feel ridiculous seeing animated movies.
5. The movie “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” is of the worst and more stupid premieres in 2009.
6. Horrors movies are horrible and amazing.
A. Rewrite B’s answers using relative clauses. Then practice with a partner.

1. A: Who is Ang Lee?
B: He’s a movie director. He made the filmHulk.
He’s a movie director who made the Hulk’s film.

2. A: Have you heard of Pirates of the Caribbean?
B: Yes, it’s an action movie. It stars Johnny Depp.
Yes, it's an action movie that stars Johnny Depp

3. A: What’s Chicago?
B: It’s a musical about a girl. She becomes a celebrity.
It's a musical about a girl that becomes a celebrity

4. A: Did you enjoy John Grisham’slatest novel?
B: Yes! It was a great book. It was hard to put down.
Yes! It was a great book which was hard to put down.

B. Pair work. Complete these sentences with relative clauses. Then compare your information around the class.

1. Brad Pitt is an actor that stars in the zarina Georgina Tamara's movie.
2. Gladiator is a movie which was produced in 1999.
3. Sting is a musicianthat has won 16 Grammy Prizes.
4. The Simpsons is a TV show which has been created by Matt Groening.

The Magic of Potter.

A. Read the article. Then number these sentences from 1 (first event) to 10 (last event).
8 a. She completed her first book.
2 b. She finished school.
3 c. She worked as a secretary.
9 d. Her second child was born.
6 e. She got married...
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