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Ago, since, for and during
|We use ago to specify a point of time in the past, e.g.: five minutes ago, two months ago, ages ago, 300 years ago, a long |
|time ago. We typically use ago with thePast Simple and the Past Continuous , e.g.: |
|Napoleon died almost 200 years ago. ('Napoleó va morir fa gairebé 200 anys')|
|My family bought this flat about 25 years ago. ('La meva família va comprar aquest pis fa aproximadament 25 anys') |
|A: Where were you 10 years ago? ('On eres fa 10 anys?')|
|B: 10 years ago I was living in Sweden. ('Fa 10 anys vivia a Suècia') |
|Weuse since to relate a point of time, or an event in past time, to the present time, e.g.: since 1991, since last year, |
|since the party, since they arrived. Expressions with since are used withthe Present Perfect Simple and the Present |
|Perfect Continuous , e.g.: |
|We have livedhere since 1991. ('Vivim aquí des de 1991') |
|We have lived here since last year. ('Vivim aquí des de l’any passat')|
|I have n’t spoken to her since 1991. ('No he parlat amb ella des de 1991') |
|I have n’t spoken to her sincelast year. ('No he parlat amb ella des de l’any passat') |
|I have n’t spoken to her since the party. ('No he parlat amb ella des de la festa ençà')|
|I have n’t spoken to her since they arrived. ('No he parlat amb ella des que van arribar') |
|We have been waiting since 9 o’clock. ('Estem...
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