Acumulación de capital

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  • Publicado : 15 de junio de 2011
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Today define capital accumulation as the engine that drives capitalist societies has certainly axiom range of self evident proposition, "a society where production for profit remains the basicorganizing principle of economic life "(Harvey, 1998). We should also ask whether it is at once the quintessential ideological principle. Marx envisaged that if we understood how to convert money intocapital, creating goodwill with goodwill capital and more capital, we would understand the accumulation of capital as a vicious circle from which escape is impossible (Marx, 1999:359). Hence the evolutionof capitalism over the years and understand the possibilities of starting stages, change and crisis has been and remains a tireless worker and necessary.
To illustrate the last statement could framethe analysis proposed by Harvey in his work on the "Condition of Postmodernity" written in 1989. There he served two concepts generated by the School of Regulation (Boyer, Lipietz, Aglietta) thatarticulate mutually accumulation regime and mode of social regulation and policy. The first is the "set of regularities that ensure a relatively orderly progress of the accumulation process" (Boyer,quoted in Martínez Veiga, 1991:237), and it would be the relationship that exists between production and consumption or between production conditions and the conditions of reproduction of workers. Forthere to be a regular regime of accumulation, there must be "a materialization of the regime of accumulation that takes the form of norms, habits, laws, regulatory networks, etc.." (Lipietz, quoted inHarvey 1998:144) definition is given to the social mode of regulation.
The use of two analytical concepts generate a potential that allows accumulation periodization schemes, compare them, findcontinuities and ruptures, etc.. Both Harvey and Martínez Veiga warned us that the two concepts should be treated with caution, for the first because "there is always the risk of confusing the transient and...
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