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Divergent Meridians
I) The Divergent Meridians

1) The Ling Shu says they’re separate from but just as important as the primary meridians 2) The Su Wen says they’re subcollaterals, or rather internal pathways of the primary meridians 3) Like the Luo vessels, the Divergents are buffers for the zang-fu (the Yin of the body) against pathogens – – When the wei-qi is just slightly weak – weak sothat it cannot expel an EPF from a primary meridian – the wei-qi will take it to a Divergent Meridian The Divergent Meridian takes the pathogen from the Primary Meridian and stores it in latency in the Yang of the body – the sinews and joints – so that it doesn’t enter the Yin of the body (the zang-fu) A pathogen enters or gets fought at the jing-wells – It can then travel to the organs via thePrimary meridians – The Divergent meridians intervene before the EPF can travel that far – past the He-sea points – and stores it in the sinews and/or joints – When a Divergent meridian gets full, it lets the EPF go – The EPF attacks first the Yang organs, then the Yin

4) Path of EPF storage: of (sinews) II) of (joints) of (fu) of (zang)

Divergent Meridian Treatment Indications

1)Chronic musculo-skeletal pain (especially with Deficiency) – usually at hips and shoulders 2) Phantom pain that’s one-sided III) Divergent Meridian Treatment Philosophy

1) Divergent Meridians tend to transverse the lymph ducts at the axilla and in the inguinal area (the thoracic and pelvic areas) – DM points are located at lymph ducts and indicated for their drainage 2) DMs can be used for Polaritytreatment since they tend to go up to communicate with the brain, polarizing to the opposite side – Chinese Medicine believes this to be the origin of phantom pain

3) DMs can be used for immune and auto-immune diseases – DMs communicate from wei-qi (surface and sinews—the world) to the Jing (bone, marrow – self) – Wei issues = Immune Deficiency – Jing issues = self and auto immune 4) Throughthe DMs, you can work on perception/movement disorders as well as personal/spiritual issues 5) You can move wei qi to the Jing level (used in cases of immune deficiency… helps with HIV) – DMs can move/release from Jing level to the superficial wei level – In this case, activate and drain the lymph ducts, then use deep to moderate to light touch – Use He-sea and Influential points – Use Na – UsePolarity therapy to tonify deficiency – After treatment, expect a healing crisis – This manifests as Phlegm, Heat, and toxins getting discharged from the body – If the body cannot tolerate this (if the person’s weak from a chronic illness), this healing crisis can kill the patient, or at least further weaken them – You MUST be sensitive to the strength of your client Divergent Meridian Protocol:Divergent Meridian Release – Each of the following sections can be done separately, in different orders, but ALL must be done


A) Release Major Articulations & Head/Face Blocks 1) HEAD: with both middle fingers at Bl-10 and both thumbs at GB-8 (connects the lower to mid-brain), pull the patient’s head toward you 2) ARMS: flex fingers in both directions – Dim P-6 and SJ-5 simultaneously –Rotate arms in both directions, then apply traction (pull outwardly) – Pull then shake them (shake them like you’re trying to sift fluid into their torsos) – This loosens up the clavicle area and LI-15 (LI/Lu DM) 3) LEGS: bend legs to chest, then straighten them out while using Dim on Bl-40 – Rotate hips in both directions – Shake legs, one hand under the knee, the other on the back of the thigh (likeyou’re sifting fluid into the torso) – Dim GB-30 B) Release Head Blocks 1) Tui (using the thumb) from Du-24 to Du-16

2) Tui from midline of scalp to the ears – Do both these strokes 3x heavy, 3x medium, 3x light pressure 3) Na, Tui, then lightly stroke from Du-16 to Du-14 4) Na, Tui, then lightly stroke from Du-14 to the shoulders – Na is the most penetrative stroke – brings Qi to the...
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