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Canada Transportation Case

1 What are the major highlights about the case? Why do you think the case is important to study?

One of the mayor highlights of the case would be the information they give us about the transportation services sector providing us with a very thorough factual explanation of how each sector affects and enhances the economic activity and generates employment inCanada.

Another highlight of the case would be the information given on each mode of transportation. It provides us with, first, some clear basic characteristics of the modes which shows the difference between them. Then, the information is focused on the specific features and in depth facts of each mode of transportation stating its strengths and weaknesses/ costs/ reliability/ competition/infrastructure/growth etc

Another highlight would be the safety and environmental issues affecting Canada nowadays. In terms of safety the industry has become more attached to security, especially after 911 which in consequence was a wakeup call for all governments and firms to revise and implement more security in there supply chains.

In terms of environmental issues, they inform us on howtransportation produces many environmental costs some of them being greenhouse gases, pollution, loss of habitat etc. and that its in their goals to find ways to reduce the negative impact they have on the environment but at the same time in terms of transportation maintaining a constant steady movement and access.

And last but not least another highlight that we consider significant from the case ishow they describe the role that the government takes in Canada´s transportation and how it has supported it by showing constant efforts to facilitate the industries continuous movement and efficiency by protecting global market access for transport companies, by deregulating as well as getting involved with multilateral organizations just to mention some.

This case is important to study becauseit provides some very useful, factual information that could come in handy for anybody whose target market is Canada or for any company linked in the transportation area of the supply chain whether it’s internationally or from within. The more knowledge you gain about its economic importance, how each mode of transportation works, its advantages and disadvantages, its challenges, policies,changes, regulations, deregulations etc. allows you to have a more clear view of Canada’s transportation industry and infrastructure network so that u can provide a more competitive service compared to others as well as facilitate your operations.

2. Why is transportation such an important issue for Canada? Is it only for this country? Why has it played a key role for its economy and history?Transportation is an important issue for Canada because Canada is a very large, vast country with a rather small population that is very dispersed throughout the region, so it requires a reliable transportation system that would act as a link efficiently transporting from one part of the country to the other maintaining a more freely movement of people and goods as well as producing a satisfyingquality of life for Canadians and creating accessibility.

Transportation is not only important for Canada. Nowadays it’s an important necessity, a must have for any country that wants to be competitive and withhold itself in the international market as well as an essential factor in any economy, especially now, that Globalization has boosted international trade and many countries are openingtheir doors to importing and exporting. It’s a huge opportunity for transportation companies mainly because they can freely, with less restriction than before, tackle and negotiate abroad and that way generate other sources of income. Bottom line is that transportation is very important for any country that wants to have a stable, reliable movement of goods and people while generating employment....
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