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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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Home made cookies

They are like sparkles of joy, for everybody!

Who doesn't remember old familiar reunions? Most of the people does it with a smile in their faces and they enjoy the memoriesthat come while they are eating, singing a song or watching something.

Home made food is delicious, people just love it, not just because it keep us satisfied, home made food can be also a reason tospend time with the family. And the flavour can always remind us special moments, happy ones. 

That's why we are introducing this delicious home made cookies, to promote traditional deserves, soeveryone can enjoy a delicious bite, everytime and everywhere. 
It doesn't matter your age, the weather, not even your mood, we guarantee that our cookies are going to put you in a good mood. People can eat them to cheer themselves to do something, to celebrate, to give as a present to a friend, lover or a family member. There's no exception to eat our delicious cookies. 

Eating is one ofthe favourites pleasures for humanity, enjoy the pleasure and be happy sharing a bite. 
Our delicious recipe represents many years of familiar reunions, traditional events, moments to be photographed;cookies that can make you smile anytime of the day with little chocolate drops that melt in your mouth. 

And the most important thing for parents or for everybody who cares their health, thiscookies are made with special and nutritional ingredients, that keeps a properly balanced diet, childrens can share this cookies with their grandparents without any danger, because the sugar included inthis recipe is specially produced for everyone's health, keeping, of course a delicious taste in each bite. 

We decided to pack our very secret and special recipe unprepared so people can cook themin their home, and eat it hot from the oven.

People should eat cookies when they want, that's why we have a very extended types of packages (small, medium, and party size)

Our objective is that...
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