Adler therapy

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  • Publicado : 23 de diciembre de 2011
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How would you adjust your approach, if you would, when working with diverse population?

In the case of Hendrix, the seven years old son of a drug addict woman, as an Adlerian therapist I wouldadjust my approach knowing that I am working with an under-age kid. First I would establish a rapport, a relationship with the child. Then, I would let him know that he can tell me everything withoutthe fear of being punished or judged. Before starting the session, I would clarify that he is there, not because he has done something wrong, on the contrary, he has been an excellent boy, but Iwould like to get to know him a little bit more. He will be heard and I will be supportive.

The first technique that I would use is asking him general questions about his age and things he likes to do(information gathering). Then I would ask him why he thinks he is there. By doing this, we will be identifying and clarifying goals (interpretation). Most of all, I would be attending and listeningwith empathy to every single detail that he wants to share with me.

As an Adlerian therapist, I would also encourage the client, in this case the child, to talk about his life, his family andfriends, among many other details he feels are relevant. The child needs to know that he is in a safe environment and that therapy is just a dialogue, not an intervention or a court. With this dialogue,we will be able to clarify, modify and even correct attitudes, behaviors, and feelings about the world that surrounds him, or the kind of world he knows. The therapist will motivate overcome hisinsecurity or inferiority sense. The child will be stimulated to attempt the things that he believes are impossible for him.

The approach of the therapist will be to investigate the situation from theaffected child point of view, know his perceptions and understand how he interpret his life events, such as his recent mother’s death.


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