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Foreign Direct Investment
Foreign Direct Investment

Harley Davidson Inc.
International Trade

Harley Davidson Inc.
International Trade

Robin Vlaming;Christina Becker,
Robin Vlaming;Christina Becker,

Table of Contents
CB: title page, big mc index, motorcycle markets, Costa Rica 2
1. Introduction 2
2. Country Facts 2
2.1 Country Facts Spain 2
2.2 Country Facts Brazil3
2.3 Country Facts China 3
3. Currency Information 4
3.1 Spain and the Euro 4
3.2 Brazil and the Real 4
3.3 China and the Renminbi (Yuan) 4
4. The Economist´s Big Mac Index 5
5. Location 5
6. Informal Institutions 7
6.1 Corruption 8
6.2 The Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 8
6.3 OECD Anti-Bribery Convention 9
6.4 Intellectual Property Rights 9
6.5Intellectual Property Rights Index 10
6.6 Judicial Independence 11
6.7 Ease of doing Business Index 11
6.8 Access to neighboring markets & Economic Integrations 12
6.8.1 Economic Integration of Spain 13
6.8.2 Economic Integration of China 14
6.8.3 Economic integration of Brazil 14
7. Motorcycle markets 14
8. SWOT-Analysis 15
9. Conclusion 15
10. Bibliography 17

CB:title page, big mc index, motorcycle markets, Costa Rica
RV: proof reading, cultural comparison

Toc, bilbio, proof reading, introduction, cultural comparison (US/ESP; CH; BRA), warum costa rica nicht dafuer in frage kommt, motorcycle markets

1. Introduction
Harley Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer and was founded by William S. Harley, Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson, WilliamA. Davidson 1903 Milwaukee, and Wisconsin.
The following report will formulate a strategy for the company, adapted to the Spanish market. Harley Davidson is not is an unknown brand on the Spanish market. For the starting period, the objective is to establish a store in Barcelona, Spain and therefore enable the company to export economically in European countries. In this report, one can find…,which contains, …, …and…. Furthermore, the… and a…, will be analyzed.
2. Country Facts
In this section, some general information about the countries Spain, Brazil and China will be given. The topics under discussion are economic situation and demographical facts
3.1 Country Facts Spain
Spain is an independent state and a member of the EU and located in the South of Europe. Thecountry is highly developed with a high standard of living. Before the crisis in 2008 Spain was the 12th largest economy in the world, one of the largest in the EU considered by nominal GDP. Spain is a member of the United Nations, OECD, and WTO.
The Spanish economy has been considered as one of the most active and flexible within the EU and has significant amounts of foreign investment. Rate ofunemployment was 7.6% in October 2006. Nevertheless, the property bubble exploded in 2008, leading to a rapidly failing economy, sky-high unemployment rates and the deepest recession since decades. Nowadays, has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe and reached 24.8%.
The Spanish population officially reached 47 million people in 2011. The capital, Madrid, which is centrally located and theareas around the coast are the most populated areas.
Being a member of the European Union has many advantages for Spain, FDI and Harley Davidson itself. Compared to other nations it is more easy and cheaper doing business in the entire European Union. Free trade and of non-tariff barriers help to reduce export costs and sale prices for consumers between member states.
3.2 Country FactsBrazil
The Federative Republic of Brazil is the largest country in South America. It is the world's fifth largest country and has a population with over 192 million people.
According to the IMF and the World Bank, the economy is the sixth largest by GDP and the seventh largest by PPP and the largest economy in Latin America and one of the fastest growing economies worldwide. Brazil is member of...