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Liderazgo y Comportamiento Organizacional

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“Ability, motivation, and situation are by far the most commonly mentioned direct predictors of individual behavior andperformance” p.50

“Motivation represents the forces within a person that affect his or her direction, intensity, and persistence of voluntary behavior” p.50

“Ability includes both the natural aptitudesand the learned capabilities required to successfully complete a task” p.51

“Aptitudes are the natural talents that help employees learn specific tasks more quickly and perform them better” p.51“Finger dexterity is an aptitude by which individuals learn more quickly and potentially achieve higher performance, p.51

“Employees with high finger dexterity are not necessarily better thanothers at first; rather, their learning tends to be faster and performance potential tends to ve higher.” p.51

“Learned capabilities are the skills and knowledge that you currently possess” p.51“Competencies are characteristics of a persona that result in superior performance. Many experts describe these characteristics as personal traits (i.e., knowledge, skills, aptitudes, personality,self-concept, values)” p.52

“Person-Job Matching strategies, one way to match person’s competencies with the job’s task requirements is to select applicants who already demonstrate the requiredcompetencies.” p.52

“Role Perceptions are the extent to which people understand the job duties (roles) assigned to them or expected of them. These perceptions are critical because they guide the employee’sdirection of effort and improve coordination with co-workers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Unfortunately many employees do not have clear role perceptions” p.52

“The role perceptions has threecomponents, 1 employees have accurate role perceptions when they understand the specific tasks assigned to them, 2 people have accurate role perceptions when they understand the priority of their...
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