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Exercise 1: Circle the correct answer

1) It / She is cold and rainy today.
2) They / I am in the house right now.
3) They / He are at home with me.
4) We / It is time fordinner.
5) It / She is a city in Europe.
6) It / We are on vacation.
7) It / You is really interesting.
8) We / They are big countries.
9) You / He is my best friend.
10) They /It are my favorite colors.
11) They / It is delicious.
12) He / They are in the same class.
13) I / You am a student.
14) He / It is about 4:00am.
15) We / He are cousins .16) She / You is a doctor.
17) We / They are difficult languages.
18) It / He is a big city.
19) You / He are at work.
20) They / She is interesting.

Exercise 2: Write the correctform of be after each subject pronoun.

1) They are in Australia.

2) He is a teacher.

3) I am from Argentina.

4) It is a small school.5) It is stormy today.

6) You are at home

7) She is 25 years old.

8) We are from China.

Exercise 3: Fill the blanks with thecorrect form of Be. Make a contraction whenever is possible. Not every sentence can have a contraction.

1) George and Michael are brothers. They live in Florida.

2) Florida’sa warm state in the United States. It’s in the south.

3) Their house is near the beach. It’s a big house with a swimming pool.

4) George and his father are tall.Michael’s not so tall.

5) Maurice is their father’s name. He’s a writer.

6) This is their dog, Pooch. Pooch is very small.

7) Pooch is a goodswimmer. She’s always happy.

8) Maurice is a good swimmer too.

9) Pooch and Maurice are in the pool now.

10) Michael and Jackie are in the kitchen.
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