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The British Council


Behavioural Competency Dictionary

External Version: August 2006

1. Introduction and explanation of
behavioural competencies 3

2. Behavioural Competencies 5

1. Introduction and explanation of behavioural competencies

The purpose of the British Council is to build mutuallybeneficial relationships between people in the UK and other countries and to increase appreciation of the UK’s ideas and achievements.
The work of every British Council member of staff contributes in some way to the achievement of this purpose through contributing to one or more of the following outcomes:

• Improved perception of the UK in other countries
• Greater mutual understandingbetween the UK and other countries
• Stronger ties between the UK and other countries

It is therefore important that we all have a clear understanding of what our role is and what is expected of us.
To do this we use job descriptions which describe the aims and objectives of jobs and the behavioural competencies and generic skills required to do a specific job. These form part of theOrganisational Skills Profile together with a third element, job families.
At the British Council we use a standard set of 13 behavioural competencies. This dictionary describes them in further detail.
For further information on any aspect of the person specification or job role, please contact the recruiting manager.

The individual competencies are displayed across the following pages in this format:[pic]

The British Council’s recruitment policy requires candidates applying for jobs to provide evidence against the person specification for the job advertised. This dictionary provides guidance on the meaning of each of the behavioural competencies and their levels of complexity. For further information on these or other aspects of the person specification, please contact the recruitingmanager.
2. The Behavioural Competencies

|Achievement |8. Leading and Developing Others |
|Analytical Thinking|9. Professional Confidence |
|Customer Service Orientation |10. Relationship Building for Influence |
|Entrepreneurship|11. Self Awareness |
|Flexibility |12. Team Working|
|6. Holding People Accountable |13. Working Strategically |
|7. Intercultural Competence ||


|Definition |Why is it important? |
|Achievement is about having the sustained energy and...
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