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Aquí están las oraciones... Son 15 de presente simple y 15 de presente continuo o progresivo… repártanselas hay están las 30…

Oraciones en presente simple

1. Liliana visits her grandmotheronce a month.
2. Mr. Rómulo often wears a gray suit to class.
3. I don’t want to see the picture at the Roxy.
4. Mr. Molina works in a bank.
5. I have a sister and two Brothers.
6.George’s boss always has lunch at noon.
7. Mr. Hamilton often write letters in English.
8. Mrs. Liliana has a new baby.
9. Dr. Allen works at the hospital three days a week.
10. Wepractice our English aloud every day.
11. Mrs. Maria and her daughter eat lunch downtown every other day.
12. I often write in my notebook.
13. Harry often uses his father’s car.
14. Thestudents say a dialog almost every day.
15. We repeat sentences after the teacher every day.

Oraciones es presente continuo o progresivo:

1. We’re listening to the teacher now.
2. Thestudents are repeating the sentences now.
3. We aren’t speaking Spanish right now.
4. The Johnson children are doing their homework now.
5. The teacher is sitting at her desk now.
6. I’mlistening to the teacher now.
7. Ana is studying her history lesson now.
8. Mr. Rodríguez is Redding the newspaper now.
9. I’m reading aloud in class right now.
10. Mr. Hamilton isteaching at the university today.
11. We’re speaking English now.
12. Dolores is using her brother’s book now.
13. Miss Castillo is sitting next to Miss Pérez today.
14. Marta is wearing a blueskirt today.
15. Ernesto is doing his homework now.


1. Every morning when I get up I have breakfast with my friend Griscely and my nephew Edgardo at the dinning room. Weoften have arepas with butter, cheese or jam, milk, coffee and juice. Griscely sometime prepares cereal with milk and sugar. She always gives special attention to prepare a balanced diet for my and my...
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