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Procesamiento Administrativo de Oficina

Sandra Matos Cruz

12 de noviembre de 2009

Taller Uno

Contestar laspreguntas de repaso de los capítulos 1 págs. 16-17.


1. What is the emerging thrust of administrative office management?
2. What factor is primarily responsible for theincreasing number of career opportunities in administrative office management?
3. What kind of challenges will administrative office managers likely confront in the future?
4. What educationalqualifications do administrative office managers need?
5. What opportunities are available to help administrative office managers further their professional development?
6. During the scientificmanagement movement, what technique or process was used to help increase workers efficiency in using machines?
7. In what ways does the scientific management movement differ from the administrativemovement?
8. What impact have the Hawthome Studies had on the development of management theory?
9. What is the primary belief about the systems approach to management?
10. Whatorganizational elements does TQM emphasize?
11. What are some of the basic elements of Theory Z?


1. Going Online: Using the Internet, conduct an online search basedon one of the concepts presented in this chapter or based on one of the chapter terms. Identify four or five things you have learned from the material that you did not know before.

Contestar laspreguntas de repaso de los capítulos 2 pág. 36.


1. What benefits result from giving adequate consideration to the organizing function?
2. Why should objectives be clearlydefined?
3. What determines an adequate span of control for a supervisor?
4. Why should an employee be responsible to only one supervisor?
5. Why is the line structure not feasible in...
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