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Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
GEB 2430
Dr. James Bullen
August 13, 2008
No Man’s Land, written by Doug Tatum, is about turning businesses into big time companies in the future. This book entails several case studies that would promote company growth into its fullest, necessary adaptable changes that can be used for the management of one’s company, progression of faulty businessmanagement strategies and preventing financial failure.
The books give tips, strategies and other necessary information regarding “every entrepreneur’s dream” to succeed. With the advent of new and more challenging market competitors, every business is in a win-lose situation, therefore making newly established businesses to fall down. But with Doug Tatum’s idiosyncrasies and ideologies aboutdealing these obstacles, which is embedded in each case studies that is published in this book, it gives the reader a field of interest on what to make and what to avoid in planning and establishing the most proper and most successful business during the life cycle of the business.
Tatum introduced the different facets of marketing strategies that can put up with the ongoing process of success andfailure. People would gather these information but with less technical consistency, whereas Tatum has succeeded in providing the basic information then expounding it for the reader to analyze.
“Too Big to Be Small, Too Small to Be Big” is the chapter that I agreed the most with the book. It is compelling to see that an entrepreneur’s business is not exactly that big enough to become the marketleader of the services and products that they offer but is not that small to be disregarded. Since each business comes to this phase, I do agree that when Tatum stated that “You’re convinced with your firm’s potential, yet, more than ever, you’re confused. Although business is booming, now momentum is slowing” (p. 17). Note the realism that Tatum used to describe the real way of how businesses perishbecause of the lack of knowledge regarding the so-called “momentum” of the business cycle. This means that even if the business do indeed is fast booming, its life cycle is already late in succession. As Tatum put it, “The old rules no longer seem to work” (p. 17), expounding the liabilities and losses that a company with traditional rules and regulations, as well as marketing strategies. Thismay seem very rudimentary on the part of the entrepreneur, but as they are blinded by the success that they experience, they have the tendency to forget it. And that’s where the problem starts; they make joys out of their successes but will definitely forget the basic structures of business management. With the help of Tatum’s words, an entrepreneur would be able to look at the future mistakes andwill thus make strategies to prevent it from happening.
Another idea that I agreed with the book is the so-called “adolescence” of a business. This means that each business must pass through a cycle before reaching maturity. The leveling cycle of this is very different from product life cycle, nor the spiral of businesses. The stages that a business has are its infancy stage on forth to itsmaturity stage. But the mediator that definitely every business passes through is the “adolescent” stage, wherein the business will have confounding difficulties and may even experience financial failure as they step into this stage. That’s what Tatum wanted to point out; that there are plausible ways into which a company may attain a rapid growth and a rapid reduction and with varying degrees andspans. Some would not be able to surpass this stage while some can. It all depends on the strategies that each business use and comprises. With the additional information and tactics that Tatum gave on the behalf of the book that would be symmetrical to his idea about surpassing this adolescent stage of businesses.
What I disagreed with is the book’s chapter about “Outgrowing Your Model”. Although...
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