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Facultad de Contaduría Pública y Administración

Aplicación a las tecnologías de la información

Homework 1

Lic. Susana M. Valdez V.Alexia Castellanos Garza
Gpo. 1Ei Matricula. 1548563
Part 1.

a) Write the advantages anddisadvantages in Nexus.
Well, for my work on nexus the first day was a bit difficult because I could not find the instructions of my work, I missed a bit to know where the calendar to enter all the tabs one byone. But after I explained a little bit longer as it was, I understood...
Well even so the Nexus is very good because it gives us more time to do the job, is a little faster because lately we do isbe on computer and then we do it faster.

Part 2.
b) 20 questions about unit 1,2 and 3

1. Is an electronic device that process data converting it into information that is useful to people?Computer.

2. Mentions 3 primary types of computers.
Desktop computer, notebook computer, smart phones.
3. Mentions the 4 parts of the computer system.
Hardware, Software, User, Data.4. What is the most common type of memory?
Random access memory. (RAM)
5. What are the most common units of measure of memory?
Byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, and terabyte.

6. What isa workstation?
Is a specialized, single-user computer that typically has more power and features than a standard computer.

7. What is a smart phone?
Is a digital cellular phone that hasfeatures found in personal computers, such as Web browsers, e-mail, and more things.

8. What are the two primary categories of software?
The system software and the application software.

9.What does the operating system do?
It tells the computer to interact with the user and how to use the hardware devices attached to the computer.

10. For who was created the Internet?
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