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George Ritzer, Author of
"The McDonaldization of Society"

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|George Ritzer is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland, where he has been named Distinguished Scholar-Teacher. | |
|His other publications include Frontiers of Social-Theory(Colombia University Press) and Sociology: Experiencing Changing | |
|Societies (5th edition) with Kenneth Kammeyer and Norman Yetman. | |
|George Ritzer was interviewed in 1997 by One-Off Productions for their TV documentary, McLibel: Two Worlds Collide. | |
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|You have described the McDonaldised society as asystem of "iron cages" in which all|[pic] |
|institutions come to be dominated by the same principle. So what sort of world would|I'd like to see a society in which people are freed|
|you like us to be living in ? |to be creative, rather than having their creativity|
|Well, obviously (laughter)...afar less caged one. I mean the fundamental problem |constrained or eliminated. |
|with McDonaldised systems is that it's other people in the system structuring our |[pic] |
|lives for us, rather than us structuring our lives for ourselves. I mean, that's | |
|really whatMcDonald's is all about. You don't want a creative person clerk at the | |
|counter - that's why they are scripted. You don't want a creative hamburger cook - | |
|you want somebody who simply follows routines or follows scripts. So you take all ||
|creativity out of all activities and turn them into a series of routinised kinds of | |
|procedures that are imposed by some external force. So that's the reason why it is | |
|dehumanising. ||
|Humanity is essentially creative and if you develop these systems that are | |
|constraining and controlling people they can't be creative, they can't be human. The| |
|idea is to turn humans into human robots. The next logical step is to replace human ||
|robots with mechanical robots. And I think we will see McDonaldised systems where it| |
|is economically feasible and technologically possible to replace human robots with | |
|non-human robots.| |

To what extent do you think McDonald's threats of lawsuits and censorship are an attempt to control their public image?

Well, I think they are certainly not the first or alone in trying to control the public image that they have, and of course their public image has been very important to them. I suppose it could be related...
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