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BEFORE READING 1. − Read the story introduction on the first page of the book, and the back cover. How much do you know now about the story? Tick one box for each sentence. 1− Dorothy wants to stay in Oz NO 2− Dorothy's brother is called Toto. NO 3− There are four witches in Oz. YES 4− The Wizard of Oz lives in the Emerald City YES 5− Dorothy makes three new friends in Oz YES 6− Dorothy's friendsare children. NO 7− The road to the Emerald City is green. NO 2. − What is going to happen in the story? Can you guess? Tick one box for each sentence. 1− The witches are all bad women NO 2− The Wizard helps Dorothy and her friends YES 3− Dorothy kills someone YES 4− The Wizard kills someone NO 5− Dorothy goes home to Kansas YES 6− Dorothy's friends go to Kansas with her. NO WHILE READING ReadChapter 1. Choose the correct words for this passage. Dorothy lived in Kansas with her aunt and uncle. Sometimes there was bad weather called cyclone. When a cyclone came, people stayed in rooms under their houses. One day a cyclone came and blew Dorothy and Toto and they house in to the sky. They went to sleep and when they opened their eyes, they were in Oz. The house fell on the Witch of the Eastand killed her, so the people were very happy. Dorothy took the Witch's red shoes. She wanted to go home, and the good Witch said: You must ask the Wizard of Oz for help. Follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City. Read Chapter 2, and then match Dorothy's new friends with the sentences. • The Scarecrow is made of straw. • The Scarecrow has no brains. • The Tin Man hasn't got heart. • TheScarecrow is afraid of fire. 1

• The Tin Man has an axe. • The Cowardly Lion is afraid of everything. • The Tin Man went out in the rain. • The Cowardly Lion jumped across the river • The Tin Man cut down a tree. • The Cowardly Lion made friends with Toto Before you read chapter 3, can you guess what happens? Choose the best ending for each sentence. 1 The Wizard is C) a lot of different things.2 The Wizard wants to see c) The four friends one by one. 3 The Wizard tells Dorothy A) to kill someone for him. Read Chapter 3, and then answer these questions. • What did everybody in Emerald City wear? Everything of Emerald City are green included the people and all the people have glasses. • What did Dorothy see on the green chair? She see only a big heard. The heard is the Wizard of Oz. •What did the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion see? The Scarecrow see a beautiful woman, the Tin man see a big animal with two heads and the Lion see a ball of fire. Read Chapter 4. Choose the best question−word for these questions, and then answer them. • Who called the Magic Monkeys to her? The Witch of West. • How many Monkeys were there? They are forty Monkeys. • What did the Monkeys Break?They broke the Tin Man's arms. • What did the Monkeys do to the Scarecrow? They put his clouds. • Where did the Monkeys take the Lion? They take the Lion to the dark cellar.


• Why couldn't the Monkeys hurt Dorothy's shoes? The Monkeys are hurt for the Witch's kiss. • Why did the Witch of the West want Dorothy's shoes? Because the shoes are very magic. • Why did the Witch of the West die?The water kill the Witch • What did Dorothy wear to call the Magic Monkeys? She wear a magic black hat. • How did Dorothy and her friends get back to the Emerald City? They go in the back of the Magic Monkeys. Read Chapter 5. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? Rewrite the false ones with the correct information. •F •F •F •V •V •V •V • The wizard was afraid of the bas Witches. • The Wizardwas old and doesn't have hair. • The Wizard knew a lot of magic tricks. Before you read Chapter 6, can you guess what happens? Tick one box for each sentence. 1 The Wizard disappears in the balloon. YES 2 Dorothy and Toto get back in to the balloon. NO 3 Dorothy meets another witch. YES 4 The Magic Monkeys help Dorothy again. YES After Reading: 1. What did Dorothy try to tell Aunt Em about Oz?...