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1. APPLICATION PROCEDURE – Submit to the Office of Admissions a completed application form, prior to deadline dates, accompanied by the appropriate fee. Foreign students are required to submit an official evaluation of his/her academic credentials by a recognized agency specialized in this activity.
2. OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS -Request that official transcripts of all undergraduate and all previous graduate study be sent directly to the Office of Admissions. Applicants to the master's level program must have obtained a bachelor degree from an institution accredited by a regional or national accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education; or an institution of higher education located outside of the UnitedStates, which, at the time the applicant was enrolled, maintained a standard of training substantially equivalent to the standards of training of those institutions in the United States which are accredited by a body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Failure to report previous college and/or graduate work attended constitutes a falsification of application which will result in thelosss of all credits earned and may result in dismissal.
3. GRADE POINT AVERAGE - The applicant will be considered academically eligible for admission if undergraduate transcripts with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 for the Industrial Organizational Program or 3.25 for the Speech and Language Pathology Program, or its equivalent, from an accredited college are presented. This isthe general cumulative GPA, not the concentration or graduation GPA.
4. RECOMMENDATION LETTERS - Request three letters of recommendation, preferably from past professors. Students who have applied to graduate programs and have taken the pre-requisite courses must submit only two (2) letters of recommendation from the professors with whom they took the courses. Applicants are required to useUCA’s official Recommendation Letter Form.
5. BILINGUALISM CERTIFICATE - Sign the Bilingualism Certificate. This document is part of the Admission Application. Applicants are expected to have adequate reading, writing and conversational skills in English and Spanish.
6. HEALTH CERTIFICATE – Submit a current health certificate (no more than six months old) and evidence of vaccination forhepatitis-B.
7. RESUME/VITAE - Submit a current resume or curriculum vitae that contains at least: name, current address, high school attended and graduation year, colleges and universities attended and graduation year (if applicable), work experiences (if any), personal interests and emergency contact.
8. ADMISSION PRE-REQUISITES FOR PSYCHOLOGY PROGRAMS - Applicants to graduate psychology programswith a bachelor degree other than psychology, will be required to approve courses in five specific areas: Experimental Psychology, Statistics, Physiological Psychology, Personality Theories and Abnormal Psychology. These courses may be taken as pre-requisites at SJC or any other accredited institution. Applicants to the Industrial/Organizational Program that does not meet the minimum criteria of3.00, may opt to take those pre-requisites not previously taken at the bachelors level and which, if approved with a grade of A or B, will improve his/her grade point average to the required minimum.
9. ADMISSION PRE-REQUISITES FOR SPEECH AND LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY PROGRAM - Applicants to the MS in Speech and Language Pathology Program with a bachelor degree other than speech and Language Therapy, willbe required to approve courses in five specific areas: Nature and Needs of the Exceptional Child, Human Growth and Development, Basic Statistics, Grammar and Physical Sciences. The course of Basic Statistics is mandatory for every applicant, regardless of his or her concentration. CAU offers the courses of Human Growth and Development (BP-403), Nature and Needs of the Exceptional Child...
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