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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2010
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My first memory of learning to read was from my textbook in my elementary school. I was six or seven, I don’t remember well. The person how read for me was my teacher Guadalupe Galindo she was myfavorite teacher because her classes was so funny she tell us a lot of jokes during the class. She read a short stories, and songs with the vocabulary.
My favorite things to read were picture booksbecause I like to saw photos about the word that I read. My favorite books it was for animals, I was like to see the many different animals in the world. I like when my teacher read out loud because Ivisualize the story she read in my mind, because I like to spend time thinking in the reading. I like to imagine if the story it is real or lays the stories that my teacher was telling us. For exampleonce she tell us one story about named “the dog fallow the lion”. This story trade about one hunting dog met a lion and he pursuit but the lion came back and the dog goes back and the dog neverfallow the lion .
How did I learn to read, was looking in pictures books and when the teacher give us the homework doing a lot of pages with the same word. When the teacher give a lot of different wordand later she wrote a sentence in the board and one by one need to read out loud in front of the class. My favorite reading when I was a child it’s named “Three piglets and the fierce wolf” because thestory it is fascinated and have an interesting message this reading
One of my best reading was The Twilight Saga the four book was amazing that’s was my favorites read but another good reading thebooks named Evermore and Blue Moon. I enjoy a lot when I read that’s book because I love the romance, action and fiction. I read at least two times each book. My worst reading was in Jr high schoolbecause I don’t like the story and I needed to read because it was my final exam. The name of the book was Ana Frank’s Diary I don’t liked because it is so sad for me that’s why I don’t liked.
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