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Period of life from puberty to adulthood (from 12 – 20 aprox.) characterized by marked physiological changes, development of sexual feelings, efforts toward the construction ofidentity, and a progression from concrete to abstract thought.
Adolescence is sometimes viewed as a transitional state, during which youths begin to separate themselves. It is generally regarded as anemotionally intense and often stressful period.

Generally, adolescents have different problems, the most common are:

• Emotional tension

• Personal appearance

• Teen pregnancy• Social adjustment

Emotional tension:
Emotional tension is at maximum, because in this growth process, the teenager goes through different stages, questioning everything they see and do.Trying to grow without the help of parents, resulting in constant conflict with them.

Personal appearance:
This is a significant problem. The adolescent is much worried about theappearance, attractiveness or physical beauty. And this is because adolescence is an especially stage that is susceptible to the creation and acceptance of body image.

What makes adolescence a critical period for bodyimage? The first and most obvious physical changes that occur during puberty are that boys and girls have essentially the same body except their sexual organs.

But this problem is more commonin girls, as these are the ones that really care about physical appearance. There are extreme cases where the girls end up with psychological problems due to their physical appearance, such as anorexia andbulimia. Or rather by neglect can reach a noticeable obesity.

This is clearly a case of unwanted pregnancy, causing a radical change in the lives of adolescents.Women exposed to abuse, domestic violence and family conflict in childhood are more likely to become pregnant in adolescence, and the risk of pregnancy increases with the number of adverse childhood experiences....