Adolescentes mandar un mensaje

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  • Publicado : 21 de marzo de 2011
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10 Ways to Send a Clear Message to Your Teenager
A sure-fire way of inviting problems into your relationship with your teenager is by sending mixed or unclear messages. Clear communication is anabsolute must if you want to have a bonding relationship with your teenager. It helps build a foundation of trust, fosters a healthy self-esteem, encourages positive behavior, and helps tone downfrustration and stress in the family.
While many parents feel it is close to impossible to have a conversation with their teenager, there are ways. Your child really isn't becoming a new special breed ofalien. They're just growing up and they still do want to connect with you. Try these tips to get, and keep, the conversation rolling in your home:
1. Use your active listening skills and watch outfor those door slammers.
2. Talk often with your teen to bring out positive opinions, ideas, and behaviors by using an affirmative tone and body language.
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3. Treat your teenager with the same respect you would have themtreat you. Say 'hi', 'I love you', 'how was your day', etc.
4. Your tone of voice is extremely important. Yelling simply doesn't work. The loud noise will shut down the listener (your teen) and you willnot get through. If you feel the need to yell, 'time out' of the conversation until you have better control.
5. Be precise and detailed about what you expect. Write it down and use an Action Planif you feel there is a need.
6. If you're giving your teenager instructions, write them down. It's a fail-safe for teens and adults. This way they will remember what they are expected to do and you...
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