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We are going to look at language practice controlled where Students say a lot of sentences using a particular piece of grammar or a particular function. There are three basicreasons for it is good to give students speaking tasks. One is rehearsal: This first reason is to allow the students to have a conversation in the classroom that can rehearse what they have learned.An example might be when having a conversation with a friend abroad and where you have to enter the English language in real life.

The feedback: participation in the classroom is important forstudent assignments. Engagement: At this point it is important to carry out activities that support the teacher and the student where the teacher the students planned and conducted.

Some students havedifferent ways of learning and activities they enjoy most. There are different activities such as speaking, from puzzle-like tasks to more involved role-playing. Activities Satisfy All the Reasons forthe three speaking tasks. One type of speaking activity involves the So-Called "information gap". One popular information-gap activity is called "describes a draw." This activity has many elements ofan ideal speaking activity.

First the students have to draw a picture without showing it to his companions and then have to think about and then describe and give instructions on how he made hisdrawing. This activity seems to me that is according to a basic level of English and showing how they operate to describe something. The second example promotes conversation and e exchange of viewsamong students, through questionnaires and interviews among its peers. This example is especially for elementary Students. Here are introduced in the present perfect. Here the teacher wants students touse this time naturally and at the same time they activate their knowledge of language.

In example 3 the author proposes the discussion. Here the aim is for students to discuss a topic by an...
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