Adolescents essay

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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2010
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Adolescence could be define as the result of the interaction between several processes as biological, mental and social, that each person has , and also by the socio-cultural influence they havedaily.
Each country has different history and cultural traditions also in habits like in healthy ones.
Youth culture is made and organized by adults, they use to introduce them to buy and to feelmore or less important for the things they have.
Youth world as we have said has been manipulated by adults, because they got the power in several aspects as politics and economy.
Even inthose things we think adolescents are independent, they are been manipulated by adults , such as how they dress, what they drink or eat, their attitude and how they think and their posture about life andwhat they will be in the future.
Family is also an important part in youth’s life, in there they learn the most important things like values and moral, each of our students is a littlerepresentation of what their family is like.
School, is another important part of their young life´s, in here, they find friends and also they represent it as an space where they can be themselves, bychoosing by their own and also demonstrating what they can do, specially they show what they are good in, it could be in an specific signature or also in extra activities, such as dancing, sports or arts,etc.
One of the most difficult parts of being in this age is being affected by all the changes they have, physical and emotional, also cognitive ones.
They are being separated from being littlekids who used to play and run, to now being adults , choose what to study and also getting related with people different sex from them, and trying to find someone to be their couple, for the future.In a general way this are some of the most important aspects that affect adolescents and what they are and think, it´s important for us to take note of them, for knowing how can we help them and...
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