Adolf hitler and gamal abdel nasser

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Two dictators of the 20th century, Adolf Hitler at the front of Germany in Europe and Gamal Abdel Nasser leading Egypt in North Africa, were widely known for their nationalist tendencies at exerting their power. Granted, both were remembered for their contrasting methods of ruling. However, both had in focus a renowned interest in the defense and glorification of their race: Hitler saw in theAryans the supreme race, the ones destined to rule the world. Nasser, on the other side, fought for Arab dominance in what they stood for as their rightful land: Palestine. While both may have covered a different degree of relevance in a global scale, these figures found their way into the annals of history for the particular pride they boasted for their nation
Speaking of nations and ethnicities,Hitler and Nasser shared a boundary that extended up to their common rivals: the Jews. While both rulers had a different reason to stand against this nation, they both found in that enmity their basis for the ideals that would govern their perspective and thought. Hitler’s Nazism, for example, was vehemently and ironically against socialism, seeing in the Jews the bearers of socialism andsubversion. Furthermore, the idea expanded into uniting all of the Germans into a “Greater Germany”, for them to continue taking over the Soviet territory. Nasser’s panarabism, radical enough to be differentiated as a separate ideal known as Nasserism, consisted in a similar premise: seeing in Jews a severe threat for the Arab nation, the plan consisted on the expansion of the Arabs to retakePalestine, although, in this case, the tendency was strongly socialist (branding the system as an “Arab Socialism”). Although both ideals craved for a divergent system of government, both based their goals in antagonisms (antisocialism vs. anti-imperialism, anti-Semitism itself, and so on). It is also important to note that, in both ideologies, the cult of personality for their respective rulers played animmensely relevant role in their government.
As well, Adolf Hitler and Gamal Abdel Nasser both were having critical issues within their own countries, taking advantage of these serious situations the two of them decided to take action so the nations would have a better progress and be stronger state. Modernization as crucial for both, Hitler and Nasser as is mentioned before had a strongfeeling of nationalism, which guide them to success and have prosperity again their countries. During 1930’s de The Great Depression and the post World-war I had a huge impact in the German economy, but Adolf Hitler exhibit his political skills in the speech and took advantage of it. Hitler was promoting his Nazi party into a mass movement using his popular support gain by his oral communication, justto climb his way up to the power. When finally he was up, he decided to overcome his opponents and establish his totalitarian dictatorship. In the other hand, Nasser in November 1954 removed several people who were in their way to power he also arrest them, accusing them of supporting Muslim Brotherhood being accomplices of the attempt of his life during the past month, October of the same year.As Hitler, he gained the control of the military and after two years he became president of Egypt, in June 1956.
Adolf Hitler and Gamal Abdel Nasser, two dictators of the XX century, used the controlling tool of indoctrination to have the people support while they had the power so order will reign. The weapon of indoctrination was applied to control the ideology of the mass and of course theylife style, using as principal recourses; radio, propaganda, education, cinema, news paper and social associations. In Germany, Nazi propaganda was extremely popular, the “Hitler Youth” was a social association every boy should be part of in this country, and speeches of Adolf Hitler were transmitted by radio so everybody in Germany would listen to the leader. Another very important part of...
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