Adolf hitler

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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th 1889 in Braunau-am-Inn, Austria. The town is near to the Austro-German border, and his father, Alois, worked as a customs officer on the border crossing. Hismother, Klara;Klara Hitler died from cancer when Adolf was nineteen and from then onwards he had no relatives willing or able to support him. So, in 1909, he moved to Vienna in the hope of somehow earninga living. Hitler during WW1At the outbreak of the First World War, in 1914, he volunteered for service in the German army and was accepted into the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment . Hitlerfought bravely in the war and was promoted to corporal and decorated with both the Iron Cross Second Class and First Class, the latter of which he wore until his dying day [ironically the regimentalcaptain who recommended him for the award was Jewish].
During his training for this tasks and during his subsequent duties he was able to hone his oratory skills. As part of his duties he was alsoasked to spy on certain local political groups, and during a meeting of the German Workers' Party he became so incensed by one of the speeches that he delivered a fierce harangue to the speaker. Thefounder of the party, Anion Drexler, was so impressed by Hitler's tirade that he asked him to join their organization. Hitler, after some thought, finally agreed to join the committee and became theirseventh official in September 1919.
The name of the party was itself changed to the National Socialist German Workers Party (or Nazi for short) on April 1st 1920.
By 1921 Adolf Hitler had virtuallysecured total control of the Nazi party, however this was not to the liking of all Nazis.
By Hitler then proceeded to turn the tables on the committee members and forced them to accept him as formalleader of the party with dictatorial powers.
Hitler was released from Landsberg prison in December 1924 after serving only six months of his sentence.
Finally on January 30th, 1933 President...
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