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  • Publicado : 5 de julio de 2010
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March 2, 2008

To Whom It May Concern

I, Linda E. Urquiza, am writing this letter to explain why it is important for me and my family that my husband, Roberto Urquiza, is granted his legalstatus in the United States of America. I am currently serving in the Colorado Army National Guard and I just recently got back from an 18 month deployment in Iraq. As us Americans know, timeshave changed and I never thought that I would get deployed to a combat zone for such a long time. This experience showed Roberto, my son and I the emotional hardship that is caused to our familybecause of a long separation. When I left, my 3 year old son had just turned one. Fortunately for me, Roberto dedicated himself to be my moral support and he made sure that our son was welltaken care of emotionally and physically. Roberto might not be serving the U.S. as a soldier but he has been as a military spouse because he went through a lot of emotional stress while I was gone.Ever since I got back, I have been mentally unstable but I have been receiving professional help. Roberto’s love, support and patience have played an essential role to my recovery. I still have5 more years left in my enlistment contract and it would be impossible for me and my son to move to Mexico at this time. Therefore, if Roberto is not granted his legal status, it will only meanthat we will get separated once again. This time it will not only cause an emotional hardship to our family, but also financially because it would be financially impossible for my son and Itravel back and forth by plane or by car to Mexico City to visit Roberto. On my part, I will not be getting deployed again within my remaining 5 years of service because I am transferring to anon-deployable unit.

I hope that this letter results in a fair decision to Roberto’s case. I can be contacted at any time at 720-334-2740 or linda.miranda

Thank you,
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