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  • Publicado : 13 de noviembre de 2011
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V.-hello whats your name
P.-my name is jose miguel Pimentel
V.-how old are you?
P.-I'm 88 years old
V.-oh thats verry much, y hope you can tell us about your entertaintmentwhen you were about 15 years old
P.-of course, I can tell you that when I was 15 years old, I went to play with my friends.. Also I helped my mother to do things for garden..
V.-thats nice, thatis very different to what happens now, there are even boys that doesn't have friend because of video games, and can you tell us about the kind of games that you did play
P.-obviously.. Weplayed football in a field of land that we had in the neighborhood, or we played games with our hands like the "hot hands"
V.-oo thats nice, and can you tells us what did you have to do in thatgame that you call hot hands
P.-hahaha, yes.. this game is played by 2 persons, this consist in that one player put his hands down and the other player put his hands up, and if the player thathad his hands up, hit the other player, win
V.-so can we play a little bit to show our viewers
V.-wow this is a kind of recreative game, i think that this kind of games are in some way thecause of the change of the boys of this times playing with computers and playstations and all of that video games are killing slowly to the children of this century, i think that children mustplay with video games but not in the way that they do it now, they are loosing personality and this is very bad, what do you think about that?
P.-oh yes, this is so true.. I saw children in thestreet fighting with another, like in the videogames.. I think that this century is not good..
V.-well mr pepo we were proud of having you here with us, i hope you continue with more and moreyears of life because you are an example for the kids of today
P.-thanks vittorio, I'm very happy because I talked about my infancy, it was a pleasure, good luck in your future, good bye
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