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Knowing how to apply passive voice in events that happen around the world.


• Investigate various reports that have happened lately
• Making passivevoice sentences of those events
• Present the results in report form
• Draw conclusions from that activity


“weather report”

• In cancun next monday we will have a maximumtemperature of 28° degrees

• A minimum temperature of 14 ° degrees

• In DF next monday we will have a maximum temperature of 20°degrees

• A minimum temperature of 5° degrees• In Mazatlan next Monday we will have a máximum temperatura of 30° degrees

• A minimum temperature of 17° degrees

• In Chiuahua next Monday we will have a máximum temperaturaof 15° degrees

• A mínimum temperatura of 5° degrees


• After the assassination attempt Cabañas the team has been supported by the taste
• After 8 games played duringthe Mexican league, have been won by the team of Guadalajara
• The Chicharito Hernandez has been recalled by coach of Mexican national team to be part of the same


•Chile has been devastated by the earthquake of 8.8 degrees step Saturday, nowadays many families have lost their life heritage.
• Agangueo municipality of Michoacán has been devastated by themassive rains that were filed on February 9 as a result of the cold front number 29, affecting a number of families in that municipality.

• Vicente Guerrero Bicentennial Boulevard has beeninaugurated on 18 February by the Governor, State of Mexico (Enrique Peña Nieto) accompanied by the Mayor of San Felipe del Progreso (Jeronimo Javier Apolonio)


This activityhelped us to implement the passive voice in the events that are happening day by day, is why it is important to use each of the skills being taught to us throughout the course of English V....
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