Advantages and disadvantages of living longer

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  • Publicado : 15 de marzo de 2012
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Advantages and disadvantages of living longer
I am going to explain one advantage and disadvantages of living longer. I guess, one advantage isthe possibility of take a life with more experiences, because if a person can live more years, so he or she can do more activities , another advantagecould be that you get known about advances in technology and life style to improve our lifes the most we can .

There are lots of disadvantagesabout living longer, one of the most important is the overpopulation the reason is that more people is seeing the light than people dying and ifnow we have a several problem of overpopulation imagine it with more years of life more babies , more family , more people and more overpopulation andwith overpopulation we could finish all sweat water and without water lots of countries can generate lots of wars all over the world , another onecould be hungry because if now a days we have this problem what could happen if in the future we are more and more people waiting for food, theenergy is one of the most important problems because if we continue using nonrenewable energy it would finish but renewable energy is very expensive andnot all people could pay for it and if we don’t start using it, we would pollute all world more than know .

My conclusion is that living longercould be a little bit better but living longer can cause us a lot of problems like : overpopulation , energy , water and so many things

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