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- Children of single parents are very likely to share more household responsibilities, including looking after themselves.
- Single parents often discuss thingswith their children (usually financial or family decisions) which, in other families, are usually discussed only between parents. This can make the children from these families particularlyindependent, mature, resourceful, and responsible as compared to their peers.
- The most obvious advantage is the close friendship and bond that develops between the boy child and the single motherover the long years of being together.
- A common way for single parents to seek and receive help is over the internet by conversing with other single parents in similar situations. There arevarious websites available, offering discussion forums and helpful advice to those parents who find themselves alone.
- A single parent may actually have more time for the kids that a marriedparent would have.
- Kids will learn how to deal with adversity and change since they lived through the divorce of their parents or from the stigma of being in a home where there has alwaysbeen just one parent.
- Children who live in a single parent home become independent faster than their peers.
- The lone parent juggles many activities and has to earn a living,too. So, the kids have to learn how to fend for themselves on occasion such as helping with chores or at least, how to run the microwave.
- A one-parent home can be better that a two-parenthome that is filled with adult conflicts and fighting.
- A parent who is no longer devoting time to warring with a partner may have more energy to give to the kids.
- By residingwith only one parent, the child may actually have a chance to observe healthier adult relationships.

- Children learn valuable lessons from dealing with hard times and having different...
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