Adverbs of maneer

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Adverbs of Manner
* Most adverbs of manner are formed by adding ‘-ly’ to an adjective, but sometimes other spelling changes are needed.
* We cannot form adverbs from adjectives that end in‘-ly’.
* Some adverbs have the same form as adjectives.
* We do not use adverbs after link verbs, you use adjectives.
* Adverbials of manner are sometimes prepositional phrases or noungroups.
* Some adverbs tell us how an action is or should be performed.
Often these adverbs are formed by adding -ly to the end of an adjective.
Adjectives ending -l add -ly ; careful-carefully.Adjectives ending -y change to -ily ; lucky-luckily
Adjectives ending -ble change to -bly ; responsible-responsibly

adjective | adverb |
anxious | anxiously |
bad | badly |
beautiful |beautifully |
capable | capably |
lucky | luckily |
quick | quickly |
weak | Weakly |
sudden | suddenly |
happy | Happily |
possible | Possibly |
basic | basically |
slow | Slowly |easy | Easily |
careful | carefully |
simple | simply |
natural | naturally |
For example:

She came back home quickly.
The dog wags its tail happily.
You will possibly arrive late.Basically, you have to do this.
The old man walked slowly.
The detective carefully gathered the evidence.
She moved slowly and spoke quietly.
It rained continually for five days.
1.Sheila can type (fast) _______.
2. (Lucky)________ , Susan has found her purse.
3. He looked (careful) ________ inside the room.
4. She threw away the letter (nervous)_________ .
5. The teacherexplained the lesson (slow) _________.
6. The boys meet (regular) _________.
7. He spoke (quiet) _________ so I didn't understand him.Principio del formulario
Final del formulario

1.- Megan is avery ____________ athlete. She loves sports.
a) serious b) seriously

2.- The girls had to finish their work ____________ because the teacher told them to stop.
a) quick b)...
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