Advertising cause eating disorders

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  • Publicado : 13 de noviembre de 2010
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Advertising Cause Eating Disorders

Teenagers of all ages and gender are lead to believe that the only way to feel beautiful is to have slender bodies. To reach a body made of bones and skinpeople are dieting more than ever. The media has created an ideal standard for women’s body, and that’s the reason why young people harm their bodies in order to fight for an unattainable body figure,better known as eating disorders. But who is the responsible of diseases as bulimia and anorexia? Commercials, magazines, ads are the responsible for these unfortunate events that affected women ifall ages with body dissatisfaction.
The most vulnerable group to developing eating disorders is women. A survey at United States shows that up to 75% of women consider themselves too fat whenthey a really below the ideal weight standard. And 60% of all women are on diets. The relationship between the advertising about food and women bodies has received a lot of consideration. Anadvertisement for Jarlsberg Lite Cheese illustrated this strategy of conveying thin women. It advertisement displays a thin, beautiful woman dressed in a short, low-cut dress lounging on a bar stool. The sloganfor this advertisement is written across her tiny waist and it reads ¨Everybody could use a little less fat¨. This ad portrays that a women cannot be thin enough an even every women who is thin mustworry that their bodies are too fat. This cultural norm of all women being thin is very unrealistic because for most women it is so difficult to reach.

Another ad with lack of socialresponsibility is one of Calvin Klein and Polo. The men in the Calvin Klein ads posses well defined abs, and masculine attitudes. They represent perfection. Consequently, they also represent normalitybecause they are masculine and this leads to the assumption that normality is perfection. Very similar is the Polo ad, it portrays a model that is depicted to be perfect, and is still normal because the...
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