Advertising regulation

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Advertising Regulation
> US
Advertising laws are aimed at protecting consumers by requiring advertisers to be truthful about their products and to be able to substantiate their claims.All businesses must comply with advertising and marketing laws, and failure to do so could result in costly lawsuits and civil penalties.
The Federal Trade Commission is the main federalagency that enforces advertising laws and regulations. Under the Federal Trade Commission Act: Advertising must be truthful and non-deceptive; advertisers must have evidence to back up theirclaims; and advertisements cannot be unfair.
> Germany
Many advertising practices that are common in the United States, such as offering premiums, are not allowed in Germany
In Germany,advertising is regulated within two systems: statutory rules and self-regulatory codes. The codes mainly cover questions of taste and decency and some specific types of advertising. Matters, such asmisleading statements, sales promotions, prize competitions, unfair marketing practices, price labelling and shop opening hours are regulated by law. The most important law concerningadvertising is the Act against Unfair Competition and is part of civil law.
> Argentina
There is no specific law on advertising in Argentina. However, there are provisions for this matterscattered among different laws. The most relevant are:
(i) The Defence of Competition Law 25.156.
(ii) The Fair Trade Practice Act 22802, which provides for a general prohibition of inaccurate,deceitful or misleading advertising of any kind. Any advertising campaign that may lead consumers to mistakes, confusion or deceit about the nature, properties, quality, quantity, use, price,conditions of commercialization or any other characteristic of the product or service offered or promoted will be considered an unfair trade practice.
(iii) The Consumer Protection Act 24.420.
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